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CARGOES                                         121

existence of a bulkhead dividing cargo from engines is not
always sufficient to ensure freedom from damage due to this

Reference has already been made in Chapter VI to the
provisions of Par. 6 of Article 4 of the Carriage of Goods by
Sea Act, 1924, with relation to dangerous cargoes. Other
provisions are contained in Sects. 446-450 of the Merchant
Shipping Act, 1894, and it will be remembered that the Act
of 1924 expressly saved the operation of these sections. The
following is a summary of Sects. 446-450 of the 1894 Actó

1.  It is unlawful to send or attempt to send or to carry
or attempt to carry in any vessel any dangerous goods,
without distinctly marking their nature on the outside of
the package, and giving notice of their nature to the master
or owner of the vessel at of before the time of sending them
to be shipped. Breach of the above requirements readers
the guilty person liable to a fine of £100, or if he was merely
an agent and did not suspect that the goods were dangerous
then to a fine of £10.

2.  To send or attempt to send dangerous goods under a
false description renders the guilty person liable to a fine
of £500.

3.  The master or owner of a vessel is empowered to
refuse any package which he suspects to contain dangerous
goods and may require it to be opened to ascertain that
fact. Where goods which the master or owner of the vessel
deems to be dangerous have been sent or brought aboard a
vessel without being marked or without notice being given,
the master or owner may cause the goods to be thrown
overboard, and shall not thereby be subject to either civil
or criminal liability.

4.  Any court having Admiralty jurisdiction may dedare
goods wrongly taken on board under the above provisions
to be forfeited and in such a case they may be disposed of
as the court directs.

Seasonal shipments affect the general movement of
cargoes, and it should be remembered that summer m
countries south of the Equator extends from October to